I’m Alexandre de Beaulieu.
Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor.


My expertise


Seed Investing in great business

I love the thrill and adventure of building new projects with amazing teams.


Entrepreneur in Series

I have created, participated in, and cofounded over 50 companies and counting.


Director & Board Member

As a certified director with INSEAD certification IDP-C, I love making boards more efficient and productive.


I have founded or co-founded over 50 companies in my life in a wide range of business disciplines, from agriculture to banking, and from industry to tech. 

The creation phase is where my passion lies, and this why I describe myself as an angel investor. I invest in tech startups and brick and mortar projects and help them grow with all diverse industry experience I have acquired over the years. 

After spending 20 years in Latin America, I now live in Montreal and invest mostly in techas a passion and mining as an adventure + a great investment!

With each new project, I feel like an artist in front of a new canvas. I thrive on the thrill of treasure hunting, being the first to discover and invest in the next big idea, team, and project! 

My investment philosophy is to simply bet on great teams and only then on projects, and to stay away from the “hype,” overvalued and overcrowded businesses like SAAS, nowadays! 

In tech, I like patents, medical devices, and great technology with high barriers to entry. I don’t like the “Uber of..” and the “Airbnb of..”. 

In brick and mortar, I like niche scalable businesses, I never invest in brick-and-mortar projects selling the prospect of future cash flows as tech would.

I never push to be hands-on, I get involved only if I am asked.

Most importantly: have fun and take it easy!

Investment Philosophy

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